Aerospace Crating


Custom Packaging and Crating for the Aerospace Industry

Miami Craters & Freighters provides vast, comprehensive crating and packaging services for the commercial aerospace industry. With decades of experience behind us, we can successfully manage these challenging assets, keeping them protected using high-end materials and spec-driven technology.

Our crating designers offer insight and knowledge as they deliver results for each unique, oversized, heavy, and sensitive item we work with. We’ve helped aerospace manufacturers, and service contractors find the precise protection for their items, which is why we are trusted with the most valuable, demanding jobs.

At Craters & Freighters, our specialists, crating techniques, and attention to detail are recognized worldwide. Don’t trust your aerospace crating needs with just any shipping outfit. We’ve been surpassing industry standards for decades, and our logistics team and customer support go unmatched. Your industrial crating and packing needs are our priority.

If you’re in need of custom crating for aerospace equipment, let our Miami crating company prove to you that we’re the most equipped to handle it. You won’t be disappointed.

Services Designed Around Your Needs

When you choose Miami’s Craters & Freighters for your tailored crating and shipping services, you’ve chosen an industry leader. We’ve designed secure containers for aerospace equipment for various organizations, including the military, the government, commercial companies, and aviation companies.

With integrity and precision, our crating professionals design and build a customized scheme that meets your goals, your item’s needs, and our high standards. We have an arsenal of solutions to work with, and we never underestimate the importance of your valuables.

Do you have specific requirements or need special accommodations? Talk with us about them. Our goal is to keep you satisfied.

Some of our custom crating solutions include:

  • Packaging and container creation for manufactured parts
  • Crating for large, heavy, and valuable assets
  • The secure handling and crating, and packaging of refurbished equipment
  • A team that understands how to keep your valuables protected and secure through transit

Let our specialists give you and your items the attention and dedication necessary to ensure safety and peace of mind.

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Custom Packaging and Crating for the Aerospace Industry

Miami is home to various commercial aerospace companies, and we have worked with several of them for years. Our expertise in customized crating has delivered results and been the foundation for the longevity of our successful business relationships.

When it comes to packing and crating for the aerospace industry, excellence is a necessity. Our crating team is not only time- and cost-effective, but we’re experienced and trained in handling these kinds of items, knowing that quality on every front is essential.

Our professionals are highly skilled, our wooden crates are perfectly designed to match each asset, our tailored container support systems are built for the utmost protection, and our materials are of the highest quality.

Your aerospace equipment deserves the best custom packaging, and we provide it.

Aerospace Crating and Packaging Solutions

Our crating team offers various packaging and crating services that are reliable and trusted the world over.

Custom Packaging and Cushioning for Your Assets

Our Miami aerospace packing professionals meticulously and thoughtfully design and engineer the most responsible packaging plans for your assets. Each is tailored to your needs and offers invaluable protection. Using tailored cushioning, bracing, and supports, you can depend on us to keep your items safe.

MIL-Spec Crates

When it comes to our military and government clients, we know that trust is crucial. We work with federal, state, and local organizations that depend on us to keep their items secure. We’re proud to help every military branch and our military contractors with their MIL-spec crating needs and never take their support or loyalty for granted.

ISPM 15 Export Crates

When your aerospace equipment requires international shipping, you can trust us to get it there harm-free and with ease. We use only regulated, certified wood for our custom crating plans to ensure entry into the country of destination.

On-Site Crating

Industrial equipment is often excessively heavy, valuable, oversized, and awkward. Don’t jeopardize its safety by trying to get it to our facility if you don’t have the necessary equipment to handle the job. We can come to your location and take care of the design and build of your asset on-site. We never sacrifice the integrity of our crating designs, no matter where they’re executed.

If you’d like a custom container built and dropped at your location, we can do that, too. You provide the specs, and we deliver. Contact us to learn more about this option.

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