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If you need to package an electronic device, there's a good chance that you'll need some form of anti-static packaging to help ensure that your goods make it from point A to point B with no damage. After all, many electronic devices such as computer chips and circuit boards can become seriously damaged by electrical discharges caused by improper packaging.

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Fortunately, when you use electro-static discharge packaging (also commonly referred to as ESD protective packaging), you can ensure that the electronic devices you're packing are protected with a barrier that'll prevent static discharges from harming the equipment. Specifically, our cushions, wraps, and barriers provide your equipment with needed protection against electricity and physical damage caused by handling.

The Difference Between ESD and Anti-Static Packaging

Here at Craters & Freighters, we're proud to offer both quality ESD and anti-static packaging to our customers in Miami, Florida and beyond. However, we also believe that it's important for our customers and prospective customers to be aware of the differences between these two types of packaging. After all, while their functions are similar, they aren't quite the same.

The main difference between ESD and anti-static packaging is that ESD packaging contains aluminum and is designed to block static discharges in the container from reaching the electronic device.  Anti-static packaging, on the other hand, prevents these discharges from forming and occurring in the first place.

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Other Considerations When Using Anti-Static or ESD Packaging

Even when you protect your electronic devices by using our packaging, there are some other things you may need to know. For instance, both you and the recipient of your items should be aware that ESD and anti-static packaging should only be opened at a static-free workspace.

It's further advised that you include a note in your package alerting your recipient of this fact. After all, it's not something that we'd consider general knowledge for those outside of the anti-static and ESD packaging industry.

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Why Choose Craters & Freighters of Miami?

We know you have a choice when it comes to your packaging services. However, we're confident that we have what it takes to provide you with the quality services you need at a reasonable price, whether you're a small business owner or the owner of a large corporation.

We've been proudly serving the country for more than two decades and are absolutely dedicated to our customers' satisfaction. As such, we provide everything from packaging to logistics and everything in between.

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