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Have you ever noticed how large companies like Walmart, Home Depot and Kroger receive orders from their distributors? For the most part, products don’t come in boxes—these stores receive their orders on custom crates and pallets.  Craters & Freighters of Fort Lauderdale can build a custom pallet or skid for just about anything.
custom pallets and skids miami

Whether you are a company sending your product around the world, or you own a small store and are working with your distributors to find out the best and most affordable ways to get products to you with as little cost as possible, looking at custom pallets is a must.

What is a Pallet Anyway?

A pallet is a foundation (usually wood) that allows for stacking a large number of products in place for transport. These pallets can be stacked high with products and then secured using shrink-wrap, stretch wrap or something similar. Pallets come in a number of different sizes in order to safely carry loads of varying weight distribution—meeting the needs of those with small orders or huge ones. Products stored on a pallet are kept safe during storage too—since the pallet keeps the products off the floor.

What are Skids?

Skids are similar to pallets, but slightly less structured. Since it doesn’t have the additional cross supports of a pallet, they are not quite as sturdy, but still add support to the load and make it easier to move the load from one spot to another. Skids are used to support the load and assist with storage and handling.

How to Load a Pallet or Skids

The key to loading a pallet is to fill it carefully. One will normally want to fill the space but keep the height at a manageable level. By doing this, you’ll avoid accidents in transit and make it easier for unloading on the other end. If you are the one who will be doing the unloading, talking with your shipper about your expectations is important.

Pallet and Skid Sizes

Several pallet sizes are common around the world. In North America, the common size is 48” by 40”. The reason for the typical size is to make for easy moving by forklift or pallet jack. Working with other sizes of pallets and custom skids (such as one custom designed by specialty pallet companies) is possible, it may just require moving by hand or moving using specialized equipment.

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If you’d like to learn more about the custom pallet options available to you, why not discuss your needs with an expert? Craters and Freighters of SE Florida is your resource for custom pallets and skids. To get more information about how Craters & Freighters of Miami can meet your custom pallet and skid needs, contact us today at (954) 917-4929, or toll-free at (866) 744-9936. Our helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives are standing by to take your call.  In addition to answering all your questions, we can also offer free quotes.  Alternatively, you can also contact us by email through our online form.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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